Announcing: Core Integral
December 11, 2009 20:24

Welcome to Core Integral. We'll help you make sense of the theory that makes sense of everything.

It has been said that the Integral approach is elitist. But, it's an elitism to which all are invited. Core Integral aims to finally extend those invitations, and to fully greet you and show you around once you've arrived.

A compassionate and inclusive elitism - one that aims to serve your growth and to help solve complex global problems - along with an accessible way to learn the most encompassing world philosophy - that's what we're all about.

Our purpose is simple: To expand access to the Integral approach while ensuring the integrity of a comprehensive Integral understanding. This might sound lofty, but we also think it's achievable. By revolutionizing how you generate applied Integral knowledge and by making that learning more accessible, we envision a growing community of more effective Integral practitioners and scholars.

Our suite of offerings support this aim and serve the realization of the Integral vision in your life. Interactive learning courses, covering the entire Integral canon, will expand your mind and ignite your passion for an applied Integral approach. One-on-one mentoring will put you in direct contact with leading practitioners, each of whom are here to serve your specific learning needs. And our group training classes harness the power of collective experience, allowing you to learn from the queries and quandaries of others on this path.


THE INTEGRAL APPROACH Course 1: Essential Integral

A self-paced, interactive walkthrough of the most widely acclaimed map of human potential. This course contains over fifteen hours of instruction and activities. Finally, a way to discover the Integral Approach that is both actionable and embodied. Are you ready to take your Integral learning to a whole new level?

For the next 15 days...
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Be the first to experience a whole new way to learn Integral.

Also, check out our site for our amazing lineup of Integral Mentors and Group Training Classes!

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