A Guided Tour Through the Chakras. Part 1: Food, Sex, and Power
December 30, 2009 13:39

A Guided Tour Through the Chakras. Part 1: Food, Sex, and Power

with Michal Levin and Ken Wilber

You have committed to waking up in this lifetime. But your path to awakening may be blocked by damaged relationships with family, food, sex, money, power, etc. These damaged areas often manifest in the body as a misalignment—that is, a literal physical dislocation—of your first three chakras. Working to realign them can heal this damage and clear your way to deep spiritual opening.

Meet Michal Levin, gifted energy healer and spiritual guide.  Michal's extraordinary story is in many ways defined by her discovery of the chakras without any formal training or study of traditional systems of chakra contemplation. Her talent manifested spontaneously, calling her into a life of deep spiritual contemplation. In her dialogue with Ken Wilber, she shares her own unique distillation of chakra alignment—resulting in growth from being unconsciously and painfully controlled by our energy, to using our energy in a conscious and mature way for the benefit of all....

What makes Michal Levin’s chakra meditation so unique is that she received it as part of her own awakening and not from studying a lineage tradition. What she is sharing in this talk with Ken is the result of eighteen years of observing what happens to the individuals and groups she has taught worldwide. As Ken says of Michal, she is "very unusual in that she brings something fresh and new that is absolutely worth studying because it extends what we have received from the lineage minds.”

In this dialogue, Michal shares her chakra meditation in step-by-step detail, and reveals not just the basic practice itself, but Michal’s distinctive opinion that we must work and release the issues of the first three chakras before moving on to any of the higher levels. Michal and Ken also align her teaching with the Integral perspective, shadow work, and the activation of our higher selves.

If you are looking for a very practical, no-nonsense approach to unlocking the power of your energetic chakras, this extraordinary interchange between Michal and Ken will surely illuminate your path.



In this dialogue, Michal Levin presents her own unique system of energetic development, which shares many important similarities (and some differences) with traditional systems of chakra contemplation. Before you listen, take five minutes to sit in silence, letting your mind become like a mirror—reflecting everything, while keeping nothing for itself. Try to maintain this state of "mirror mind" as you listen, and see if her words resonate with your own life experience. Simply observe your connection to Michal's words as she speaks, and see if you can locate the energetic dynamics she describes within your own being....


For more about chakras and subtle energies, be sure to read Ken Wilber's extraordinary essay Toward a Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies here on Integral Life.


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