TONIGHT: Watch Deepak Chopra, Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow, and Fr. Robert Spitzer on Larry King Live!
September 10, 2010 15:05

From our friends at the Office of Deepak Chopra:

Dear Friends and Family,

Coming up on CNN Larry King Live tonight - Friday, September 10th, Stephen Hawking, Deepak Chopra, Leonard Mlodinow and Father Robert Spitzer. They will discuss the origins of life and mankind's ultimate mysteries – why are we here? Please check your local TV listings for the time.

Thought I would share Deepak's observations of the show too.

"I felt that the Larry King show was a historical event. Stephen Hawking enjoys the same stature today as Einstein did 60 years ago. To disagree with him is scientific blasphemy, if such a phrase can be used. The Jesuit priest was also very good. Larry did not cut off anyone at all and everybody got a chance to speak. For a change there were just 4 guests and Larry was genuinely fascinated and very animated. He asked brilliant questions."

Lastly, Larry was kind to also mention Deepak's upcoming new book, "Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet" to be released on September 21, 2010 and to publish Deepak's article "Taking a Stand: Muhammad in the Age of Jihad" on his CNN site:

EXCLUSIVE – Taking a Stand: Muhammad in the Age of Jihad

by Deepak Chopra

When I set out to write a fictional biography of Muhammad, I knew I wasn't covering an ordinary life, even by the standards of great prophets and founders of world religions. In the age of jihad, Muslim extremists have surrounded the Prophet with toxicity. Yet in the midst of our anxiety and anger - leading up to the outrageous extremist act, this time from a Christian, of Bur-a-Quran Day - someone must take a stand. On all sides we hear that moderate Muslims should stand up for their faith's values of peace and toleration. From the liberal wing of American politics we hear the same call to Americans, with reminders to our conscience that we are a nation founded on religious freedom.

Yet the real stand, as far as writing this book was concerned, is different. I wanted to take a stand against pure ignorance. Who really knows Muhammad? Muslims do, but the latest poll shows that over 60% of Americans know little or nothing. So I set out to give everyone a page turner about Muhammad that captures every facet of a life that has endless facets. In the book there are over twenty narrators, both men and women, old and young, devout and secular, devotees and enemies. I didn't want to smooth over any of the parts that bother modern Westerners, such as polygamy and the fact that one of the Prophet's wives was a child of six. Nor did I want to satisfy religious Muslims that only their most cherished portrait of Muhammad would be presented.

The gulf between religions will always be there. But with Islam simmering suspicion or a feeling of superiority - the perennial attitudes that the West has taken to the Arab world - has boiled over into violence. Before you can speak well or ill of anyone, you need to know something about them. Hopefully, you will be willing to see life from their viewpoint.

Yes, I gulped a few times, and still do, when I hear the word fatwa. But I wrote out of respect and an open mind. I think denial and a closed mind are worse than any imagined threat. I hope every reader of Muhammad will agree. We can all take a stand simply by learning the truth.

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I hope you enjoy watching the program and reading Deepak's article.

Office of Deepak Chopra


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