Integral Institute Announces the Launch of the Multiplex! Become a Member Today!
June 16, 2006 11:45

~posted by Corey W. deVos

We are proud to announce that the long-awaited Integral Multiplex has been launched! And not to outdo ourselves, we’ve also relaunched the Integral Institute and Integral Spiritual Center sites along with it!! And we invite you to come join us in this extraordinary endeavor....

For those not familiar, the Multiplex is our entire constellation of online offerings, all of which are built upon a singular technological platform. It is the electronic nervous system connecting you with the rest of the Integral Movement. And it is a sign that the world is truly evolving.

The Integral Multiplex is a work in progress, a snapshot of which can be seen in the picture accompanying this blog (as well as on the Social page.) As of now it consists of seven major spheres, with many other sites and projects in development. The primary spheres are:

Integral Institute, the Hub of the online Integral universe. (relaunched!)

Integral Naked, where you'll find hundreds of hours of audio and video conversations with leading-edge teachers, artists, and visionaries.

Integral Spiritual Center, where you'll find teachers and practitioners from all traditions and lineages, attempting to forge an Integral spirituality for the 21st Century. (relaunched!)

Integral University, where you'll find online courses and accredited degrees in Integral Theory and its application to specific fields.

Integral Training, where you'll find workshops and practical tools for bringing Integral awareness into your life.

Integral Coaching & Consulting, where you'll find experts in personal, professional, and spiritual development, available to help you or your organization find more Integral pathways to success.

Integral Friends & Partners, where you'll find a directory of some outstanding organizations and individuals doing Integral work in the world.

Unitas Multiplex!

Now that the Multiplex is launched, we are offering all of you the opportunity to become immediately involved by announcing the exclusive Integral Institute Membership Program. Become a member today—believe me, membership has its privileges!

Below is the Membership Program announcement that I-I Art Director-Extraordinaire Paul Salamone released in the Zaadz community:


Announcing the I-I Membership Program

Turbo-Charge Your Integral Vision and Support Integral Thinkers Worldwide!

Are you passionate about how EVERYTHING makes sense and fits together? Do you want radical new ways to apply consciousness and care to the problems of the world—and to your own life?

Are you looking for a connection to others who feel the same way?

Become a Supporting Member of Integral Institute today and get everything you need to make your integral vision a reality!

Starting at just $20 a month, you can join a pioneering 501(c)3 organization trailblazing more inclusive and balanced approaches to education, business, personal development, spirituality, and dozens of other fields—for a world that desperately needs it!


Every generous contribution you make will help support the creation of university degrees, training seminars, home study kits, research opportunities, and books and media that put Integral thinking into action.

Along with the excitement of supporting a non-profit organization on the leading edge, you'll also get…

complete access to the Integral Directory, a worldwide “yellow pages” listing every known integral thinker/practitioner in the world today

your own profile and web space on the I-I Community Server, where you can engage your peers in dialogue and debate on the fundamentals of applying integral theory to your life, spiritual practice, and career

all the support you need for technical, theoretical, and other issues via our brand new I-I Member Support Center

updates, info, and inspiration via the I-I Member e-Newsletter, along with the snail mail Integral News – delivered right to your door!

personal contact and a feeling of connection in the form of discounts on Integral Coaching, along with deals on Integral Workshops and participation on streaming conference calls with I-I founder Ken Wilber and others (Bronze level and higher)

Join I-I at the Sponsoring Member level for $20/month and you'll receive a subscription to Integral Naked and the new Integral Spiritual Center – absolutely FREE!




Here is Ken's original sketch of the Integral Multiplex. In one year we went from this:

to this:


Unitas Multiplex!!!

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