Integral City: A Guided Tour with Marilyn Hamilton and Ken Wilber
September 29, 2012 20:08

Today's cities are without a doubt the largest and most complex adaptive systems that evolution has ever produced, buzzing and bustling with millions of individual perspectives, psychologies, lifestyles, activities, and behaviors. For countless generations our cities have sheltered all of our inherited cultures, beliefs, traditions, and histories, sustained by a finely-tuned symphony of intermeshed systems—transit systems, legal systems, economic systems, political systems, energy grids, telecommunications networks, and so on.

It's hard to fully comprehend the extraordinary complexity and magnificence of today's globally-connected cities. This dialogue offers you the most comprehensive bird's-eye view of city living, city planning, and city governance that we've ever seen—a beautiful and sophisticated new vision of the Integral City, revealing all the features and dimensions that compose these modern epicenters of culture, creativity, and commerce.

Listen as Marilyn Hamilton and Ken Wilber take us on a guided tour through Integral City—drawing from the most up-to-date maps, pointing out the most significant landmarks, and steering us toward a far healthier, more productive, and more sustainable civilization.

Integral City: A Guided Tour
Marilyn Hamilton and Ken Wilber


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