A (Very) Brief History of Ken Wilber
January 29, 2013 21:35

A (Very) Brief History of Ken Wilber

In this short video, originally produced for the Ken Wilber Tribute earlier this month, we present some hard-cutting photographic evidence that once and for all dispels many of the rumors surrounding Ken Wilber's origin. Contrary to popular belief, he was not cultivated in a test tube or assembled in a top-secret cybernetics laboratory, nor did he arrive upon this world as a fully-formed bald ectomorph from the planet Uranus (though we cannot entirely rule out the Krypton hypothesis—Ken may or may not derive his powers from the light of our yellow sun, but has so far proven to be completely impervious to Kryptonite.) No, Ken's origins are quite ordinary indeed: he has a loving mother and father, he attended public school, he went to the prom, and he even enjoyed a short but glamorous modeling career before he could form his very first word (which we can only assume was "AQAL").

We are in the final week of our initial fundraising campaign for the Ken Wilber Biography Project. You have until Thursday, January 31st to join the fun. We'd like to extend our most sincere thank you to to all of you who have already helped us achieve our initial funding goal for this first phase of the project—and there is still time for all of you who haven’t yet contributed to be a part of this very special endeavor. The more we can raise in this first campaign, the closer we will get towards completing these first phases of the Ken Wilber Biography Project, helping to expand Ken's already illustrious status as "the most important philosopher you've never heard of," to "the best-known philosopher on the planet!"

We invite you to check out the crowd-sourcing website here and make whatever contribution might be appropriate for you. All the information, including the special perks you get for helping us reach this first phase of the biography project, can be found on the site. Every dollar counts, so even if you can't make a large contribution, you might consider pre-ordering the Ken Wilber Biography for just $25. Click here for more details, and learn how you can help us to bring Ken's story and vision to the rest of the world.


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