Ken's new book is now available!
April 05, 2014 22:29

The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Future of an Integral Buddhism
Ken Wilber's new book!

We are so happy to announce that Ken's newest eBook, The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Future of an Integral Buddhism, is now available to purchase. This eBook is a summarized version of a larger book that will be published by Shambhala in 2015, and is available right now on Shambhala's website as well as other major eBook vendors.

Click here to purchase for just $3.99.

About The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Evolution of an Integral Buddhism

What might the Buddhism of the future look like? With all that we have learned in the modern and postmodern world, how can Buddhists be true to the central teachings of the tradition while also including them in a new framework that is inclusive of ongoing discoveries?

Ken Wilber here explores these key questions facing Buddhism and indeed all of the world's great religions today, showing how traditional Buddhist teachings themselves suggest an ongoing evolution leading toward a more unified, holistic, and interconnected spirituality.

Touching on all of the key turning points in the history of Buddhism, Wilber describes the unique way in which the tradition has been open to the continuing unfolding and expansion of its own teachings, and he suggests possible paths toward an ever more Integral approach.

When you purchase The Fourth Turning directly through, you'll receive a zip file containing the eBook in three different file formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. All formats can be viewed on your computer. In addition, MOBI files are compatible with Amazon Kindle readers and apps, and EPUB files are compatible with most other e-readers and apps, including Apple/iBooks, Barnes and Noble/Nook, Kobo, and Sony.

Click here to purchase for just $3.99.


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