Addictions and Allergies: States of Consciousness
April 02, 2014 22:35

Addictions and Allergies: States of Consciousness
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From the lowest depths to the highest peaks, there is no place our shadow will not follow us, even into the heart of nonduality itself. In this exclusive sneak peek of his upcoming book due to be published in 2015, Ken Wilber offers a guided tour through the major states of consciousness described by all the world’s spiritual traditions, while pointing out the many ways that our shadows can impede or even sabotage our efforts to contact and stabilize these states.

In this reading Ken focuses on two types of shadow in particular: a fixation or addiction to a previous state that has not yet been dis-identified with, and an avoidance or allergy to aspects of a forthcoming state that has yet to be integrated. Ken talks about how these shadows can show up in each of these states of consciousness, as well as in the vulnerable transition from one state to the next, making this a tremendously valuable guide for both “waking up” and “cleaning up”.

There is no light bright enough to completely dispel our hidden darkness, no wisdom that cannot be twisted by addiction, avoidance, and dis-ease. Whether you are chasing the dragon or the dragon is chasing you, this talk will help you keep your seat and see your own shadow for what it really is—and after taking a closer look you may find it’s not really a dragon at all, but a swarm of butterflies portending your greatest transformation yet.

Pay what you want for this extraordinary reading.


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