On Being Human: A Reflection
April 09, 2015 14:35

On Being Human: A Reflection
by Susanne Cook-Greuter

In this deeply touching keynote address, Susanne Cook-Greuter offers a personal account on what truly matters in life, beyond one's stage of ego development.

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter is a beloved integral elder, Harvard postgraduate and developmental researcher. She combines her curiosity in human nature and her all-time fascination with language in researching the "highest" or "latest" stages of adult development by building on and expanding the work of Jane Loevinger. As an effect of the work in this field, people oftentimes turn to her in order to satisfy their curiosity about the higher reaches of human development and advanced intelligence and maturity that seem to be available to most of us. Almost always people assume that "being higher" on the developmental ladder is necessarily "better" or the only legitimate direction to expect more beauty, truth or goodness to come from.

Click here to watch.


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