The Roshis of Vast Sky Institute Meet at the Loft
June 15, 2006 20:31

For the last two days running, the Roshis of Vast Sky Institute—Genpo Roshi, Bernie Glassman Roshi, and honorary “Roshi” Ken—gathered at the loft for a series of nonstop, intense discussions about how to make Buddhism more effective in a modern and postmodern world. Buddhism has some extraordinary gifts and treasures, and probably the most sophisticated contemplative methodology anywhere in the world, but because its background language and some of its assumptions are still embedded in premodernity, Genpo and Bernie asked Ken to join them and form a nonprofit organization, Vast Sky Institute, to address just this issue. Ken agreed, and then Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei was asked to join. Part of the fun of the second day was that, in response to a series of questions and issues, Ken went into overmind overdrive and produced 18 charts and diagrams so crammed with information they were basically illegible, and drifted into what started to look like a series of transcendental Jackson Pollack postmodern art prints. We’ve included a handful here. For fun, everybody signed them and we’re going to use them as part of a fundraiser.

The mission of Vast Sky is to provide Buddhist-oriented techniques for accelerating growth at the leading edge of evolution, deepening one’s capacity for consciousness and care. At the core of this is Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind process, a technique that gives one an authentic realization and experience of ever-present nondual Presence. The AQAL framework is used to help contextualize the technique, and help orient it toward the background contexts of both modernity and postmodernity. The overall package—along with various other auxiliary techniques—has indeed proven to be an effective accelerator of human growth and development. The Roshis plan on taking this on the road very soon, so keep an eye out for it if you are interested….



Oh come on, you can figure it out!

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