Welcome To Your New Integral Life
January 28, 2017 14:51

Dear friends,

We’d like to wish you a very warm and happy new year. Along with a new year we’re really excited to announce today a total evolution of the Integral Life member experience. For the past year we’ve worked hard on building a new chapter in the Integral Life story, and starting today you now have access to all of it.

These changes are driven by our commitment to the advanced personal development that we believe sits at the core of the Integral Life mission: a commitment to serving others by working on our own growth and evolution. We don’t see an Integral Life as some optional luxury, we believe it’s the vanguard of how people will necessarily live in just a few short years. We want to deliver media, perspectives, practices and events that help people wake up, grow up, clean up and show up.

We’ll take just a moment of your time to orient you to many of the exciting changes you’ll see:
Starting with a completely new website, you’ll now have access to a clean, well-organized and user-friendly digital experience that offers members-only articles, audio, video, practices and courses.

Integral Life Practice
The first major update to ILP in over ten years is now available right inside the website, with unique and powerful “1-hour coaching” modules and other “1-minute practices” available exclusively to members from some of our community’s best experts on a wide range of relevant topics. With dozens more practices on the way, every month you can expect to see new guidance added to the growing ILP platform.

In addition to the major changes above, we’ve also expanded our member experience with all new content types:

Deep Dives
Deep Dives represent in-depth essays and eBooks that help you better understand the biggest, most complex issues of the 21st century, from globalization to the rise of Trump, penned by integrative experts and thought leaders.

On Your Radar
On Your Radar gives you bite-sized alerts on important and emerging patterns to watch out for in your life and around the world. Some you might know already, some might be surprises to you, but each represents an interesting trend to watch that is shaping the world around us.

Art That Transforms
Art That Transforms brings you short commentary on the most important music, movies and art being created, and how it’s informing us and helping us wake up, grow up, clean up, or show up. With ATT we bring back Integral Life art galleries, one of our most popular and provocative features of years’ past.

Building on Ken Wilber’s fantastic legacy, Conversations will continue to be unscripted and frank dialogues that aim for the broadest, most integrative views of human potential, recorded between thought leaders and transformational experts that change your perspective and stimulate new ideas.

And of course we’ll keep bringing you the best blog posts from around the Integral Life community with Integral Post and great political commentary with the Daily Evolver.

We invite you to consider joining Integral Life today. Not only will you take advantage of our current promotional annual membership price, you’ll also support the advance of integrative ideas and practices around the world in an era when we need them more than ever. You can do so here.

As we embark on this new phase we’ll be experimenting a lot and your feedback is important. Let us know what you like and dislike as we try new things throughout the year. Please be forgiving with any bugs you find and we’ll try to get them fixed right away. And if you need any help at all, please reach out to Member Support.

We’re very grateful that you’ve chosen to be part of the Integral Life family, and we hope you enjoy the new member experience.


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