A sampling of recent events from the Integral Multiplex

Shedding some light on the alchemy of "we"
Patterns of Relating: How the Enneagram Can Improve Your Relationships

In Patterns of Relating, acclaimed author Helen Palmer and senior teacher Terry Saracino lead you through an exploration of your own Enneagram type and the various patterns and tendencies that shape the nature of the relationships in your life. Through these powerful teachings, demonstrations, and conversations you will be able to identify your own particular pattern in relationship, and more importantly, learn how your pattern interfaces and interacts with your intimate partner, family, friends and co-workers. Becoming more aware of your habitual tendencies will help you better navigate the many obstacles and opportunities for growth that inevitably emerge in all of your relationships.


An angel if ever there was one
by Ken Wilber
Corey deVos and Angie Hinickle have just recently been blessed with one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen, Evelyn Nyima deVos. But hardly had Corey and Angie welcomed little Evelyn into the world, before discovering she had a lethal liver disease. Needless to say, everybody’s heart broke, just broke—certainly Corey and Angie’s, but also all of their friends, including me, who had the pleasure and extraordinary delight of being able to look into the eyes of an angel—a real angel if ever there was one.

Read Ken's letter and learn how you can help Evelyn by clicking here.


Leadership and the Middle Way
by Ginny Whitelaw
How does our understanding of the "Middle Way" evolve as we evolve? How can this understanding help us become better leaders? Check out this wonderful post by our friend Ginny Whitelaw, author of The Zen Leader.


Knowing Your Shadow: Healing the Broken Self
Robert Augustus Masters and Ken Wilber
Exploring the full spectrum of disassociated shadow material in our lives (pain, shame, guilt, dark emotions, sexual shadows, spiritual shadows, etc.) and the ways that we can begin cleaning up and reintegrating these splintered pieces of our psyche, Robert Augustus Masters talks to Ken Wilber about his recent audio course, Knowing Your Shadow. This dialogue stands alone as one of the most comprehensive discussions of the shadow you can find anywhere, and makes for a wonderful companion to the Knowing Your Shadow audio course.


8-Day Foundational Training for Professionals
Devoted to Psychospiritual Healing & Awakening
with Robert Augustus Masters and Diane Bardwell Masters

We are excited to be offering this foundational training to professionals in the healing/awakening field, and to have it unfold through the same intuitive, organic approach that we employ in our private and group work. This training’s purpose is twofold: (1) to engage in very deep personal work; and (2) to deepen and expand your capacity to guide others through a dynamic, intuitively structured approach that optimally integrates body, mind, emotion, and spirituality.


Certified Integral Psychotherapist (CIT) Professional Training Program
Transform Your Self and Your Practice with the World’s Most Comprehensive Approach to Psychotherapy
The Certified Integral Psychotherapist (CIT) Program has been created to by one of the pioneers in the field, Mark Forman PhD, to be the world's most complete training on how to practically apply Integral concepts in clinical practice. It is intended for licensed mental health professionals and graduate students and interns with therapeutic experience. Addressing every facet of Integral Theory, while heavily emphasizing  personal and professional application, the CIT program is for those looking to transform their understanding of the human psyche and more deeply understand how psychotherapy contributes to well-being and psychological and spiritual maturation.


8 Ways to Wellbeing
A New PBS Film with Roger Walsh
Our very good friend Roger Walsh is involved with a wonderful new film project: 8 Ways to Wellbeing, a major PBS 60-minute film, to be distributed nationally. Click through to learn more about the project.

"Our aim is not only to inform people, but also to inspire them by providing exemplars, to support them with multimedia materials and social media groups, and to empower them with effective behavior change strategies. The larger goal is to catalyze a national, and eventually international, movement towards healthier lifestyles, self-empowerment, and greater mental health and wellbeing."


Integral Mondo Zen Retreat
Loveland CO, November 9-16th
The Integral Mondo Zen Retreat is designed for students who want to experience the Mondo Zen dialog process within an Integral context, based on Ken Wilber's theories. With the conceptual understanding that the Integral Framework makes possible, we make room and co-create the structure of the container. This enables us to truly be inclusive by meeting everyone where they are, respecting the views and values they are bringing; without letting those views and values and their corresponding preferences and prejudices limit our common experience...


Episode 070:
Two Cheers for Polarization!

Jeff Salzman
Episode 069:
Pontifical Progress, Congressional Constipation

Jeff Salzman
Episode 068:
Obamacare Go, Government Stop

Jeff Salzman

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