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From ISC: States and Stages Sunday
January 17, 2007 09:33

'States and Stages' Sunday!

This Week on Integral Spiritual Center:

Sexual Energy into Light - Sally Kempton

Dear Friends,

We are incredibly blessed to have Ken in great spirits and better and better health!  One of his top priorities upon his return has been to resume the extraordinary discussion that has taken place around his latest book, Integral Spirituality.  We at ISC have been deeply honored to have pre-released the book on our site last year, and to have hosted an incredible series of discussions with you, our dear members, and Ken--the man who wrote the book!

And so I'm excited to announce that the IS Discussion Series will continue this Sunday, January 14th at 10AM, Mountain time!  The topic of this call will be Chapter 4, "States and Stages," which has been an extraordinary insight of Ken's, with profound implications for understanding the spiritual journey.  Ken has been developing the concept in the rewriting of Transformations of Consciousness, and will share some of his latest thought!

The live web stream is open to all ISC members.  To listen in, just visit our Live Calls page, where the link to will be posted Sunday morning at 9:45AM.  If you can't join us then, just watch for the audio to be posted on the site in the coming weeks.  We hope you can join us for the incredibly important discussion....



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