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February 15, 2007 18:36

Integral Institute

Dear Friends,

We're writing to bring you up to date with the many things going on at I-I.  We are grateful for your continued presence and support through all these years, and would like to share some of the great things ahead… 

We've completed what we've been calling "Phase 1," a prolific time that included the launch of Integral Naked in 2003 and the Multiplex, Integral Spiritual Center and a Membership program in 2006.  Phase 1 also included dozens of extraordinary seminars, two gatherings of the teachers of Integral Spiritual Center, and the release of the revolutionary Integral Life Practice Starter Kit.  Altogether we reached out to hundreds of thousands of people, all interested in the Integral vision and its applications.  And, of course, Ken’s books reached out to millions of readers around the world in almost thirty languages.

Toward the end of Phase 1, we realized that some reorganization would be required in order to better serve you.  As many of you know, Phase 2 launched in October 2006 with the goal of growing Integral Institute into a larger, more efficient organization better able to offer an Integral vision, and Integral solutions, to the world. In Phase 2, we were experimenting with initiatives designed to do many things: make Integral Institute better able to reach out to the world, create a financially solid base for our future growth, pay our staff a competitive salary, streamline our internal processes, and expand our outreach, and do it all in a way that honored the Integral vision.  In short, we needed to build an organization—a Lower-Right quadrant, second-tier, integral organization. 

Toward this end we, went in search of a CEO.  We had an acting CEO for a few months, which really helped jump start everything, and then went on an intensive search for a permanent CEO that lead us to a candidate, who, after a trial period, appears to be just what we need.  He’s an extraordinary being, and he has brought enormous clarity and excitement to the Integral quest.  We are moving ahead now on several exciting new initiatives.  Top on our list:
Web Portal: A comprehensive web portal that will transcend-and-include Integral Naked, Integral Spiritual Center, Integral Training, I-I.org, and our other offerings.  This is under development and will be launched in 2007.
AQAL Journal: we have 5 completed issues of our peer-reviewed academic journal covering the latest thought from the very best integral thinkers.  The first two issues are being offered free to all I-I members—this is over a thousand pages of completely new and original writing by dozens of Integral scholars that will simply blow you away!  (It certainly did us.)  This is already the largest and finest AQAL library anywhere in the world—free to I-I members! We will be sending additional information on this very soon.
Seminars: We’re offering brand new seminars in 2007 including Integral Healthcare, as well as our flagship Integral Life Practice seminar, Women's Integral Life Practice, and The Integral Leader seminar.
Integral Naked continues with as much passion as ever before, featuring weekly conversations with hosts Ken Wilber, Stuart Davis and the immensely likable new guest host, Bert Parlee.  Included in our weekly video content have been the first 6 episodes of the outrageous Stuart Davis Show.  We will also be fine-tuning this site to be easier to navigate. 

On the Integral Spiritual Center front, look for 3 ISC seminars this year, including Integral Zen and Integral Body as Breath (March), Integral Buddhism (May) and Integral Contemplative Christianity (later 2007).  And ISC members are all invited to submit their questions for Ken on his most recent book, Integral Spirituality, for a chance to discuss them with Ken himself, on our incredibly popular ISC Discussion Series.  This is the only place on the web that you can discuss any and all issues with Ken Wilber directly, live, in person!  These discussions are wild, passionate, critical, and outrageous fun, as well as calmly and profoundly spiritual—and the deepest intellectual experience on the Web, if you want to really participate.  They also are direct transmissions of the AQAL integral vision.  All of them have lasted 3, 4, and even 5 hours straight!  (Listen to one live from beginning to end and you can feel the direct transmission of luminous clarity.  And if you miss them live, they are archived.)

You may have heard that Ken was hospitalized for about a week, an ordeal that he touchingly chronicles on the blog section of KenWilber.com.  He's home now and doing well.  If any of you listened to the recent "States and Stages" and "Boomeritis Buddhism" calls on the ISC Discussion Series, you know that he is in fine form and brilliant as ever.  He's busy with a number of new books, including a rewriting of Transformations of Consciousness, which details an extraordinary new approach to growth through vertical structures and horizontal states and the pathologies that can occur at every step.   He’s also working hard on the trilogy The Many Faces of Terrorism, and has posted two chapters from it on his website, dealing with Integral Politics.  He is about to post the third and most important chapter dealing with that topic, so keep an eye out if how to create a truly Integral Politics interests you.  And he is especially focusing on volume 2 in the Kosmos Trilogy, excerpts of which are already posted.

As for staff, we've moved offices and are now situated in an incredibly great space right in the heart of downtown Boulder.  There are about 20 of us on local staff and another 5 or so working from a distance.  The Integral revolution is greater than any one of us and is being sustained by a community of people far outside the immediate circle of the men and women who work for Integral Institute.  You are part of an intimate group of people embracing something important enough to have attracted the attention of many of the world’s leading thinkers, politicians and business leaders.  We welcome all of you to join us, and to continue to share your vision, passion, love, and thoughts.

With inexpressible gratitude,

Huy Lam, Chief Development Officer
& the Staff of I-I


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