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AQAL Journal Now Available!
March 11, 2007 13:59



AQAL Journal Now Available!

Integral Institute is proud to announce the public launching of its official academic journal, AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.  The result of over three years work and a hundred scholars, AQAL is the official source for all articles related to Integral theory and its application.  Each issue is extensive, with around 500 pages of peer-reviewed articles, editorials, book reviews, research, and other resources for the Integral community.  Two volumes and 5 issues have already been completed!

The AQAL Journal is available to members of Integral Institute right now, free of charge.

     - A La Carte Members (those who are members of Integral Naked, Integral Spiritual Center, or both) can access the first 2 issues of AQAL Journal for free.

     - Sponsor Members and above get access to all issues of the Journal, 4 times a year, for no additional cost.

Become a member now and get every issue of AQAL Journal!

The AQAL Journal comes out quarterly, and is available on-line as a PDF and also as a print journalAQAL Journal is like nothing out there today.  Unlike other academic journals, it transcends and includes many of the insights of pre-modern, modern, and post-modern approaches, meaning that – as the first major journal of the Integral Age – it is laying down new ways to view and solve some of the most pressing issues facing us today, from the environment to education to sexuality to psychology.  View the Journal now!

Articles published in AQAL represent the cutting edge of Integral explorations: philosophical, theoretical, pragmatic, experiential, and critical. The journal welcomes case studies, applied pieces, reflective articles, theoretical explorations, Integral research, empirical studies, and critical views. AQAL is committed to the further refinement, development, and expansion of Integral Theory. As result, it is the premier showcase for scholar-practitioners who are extending Integral Theory and taking the Integral model to the streets.  Learn more about submitting an article.

- As a Sponsor level member of I-I, you will be able to immediately download the two-part inaugural issue (Spring ’06 and Summer ’06 issues), which contains over 900 pages of the latest in Integral theory and practice presented by 32 authors across 40 articles. View now.

- At the end of March, Sponsors will be able to access our current issue for 2007.

- As a Sponsor Level member you also get FULL access to Integral Naked and Integral Spiritual Center, as well as access to forums, blogs, and discounts on I-I seminars.

Become a member and begin downloading AQAL Journal right now!

Each issue of AQAL Journal contains introductory, intermediate, and advanced material within the various established Integral Centers at Integral Institute such as:

- Integral Art  Studies   - Integral Business Leadership       - Integral Consciousness
- Integral Ecology         - Integral Psychology                    - Integral Sexuality
- Gender Studies          - Integral Sustainability                 - and more than a dozen more

The journal also provides a space for emerging Integral disciplines such as Integral Law, Integral Design, Integral Writing, Integral Subtle Energy, and Integral Research.  Personal explorations and autobiographical material is also encouraged, as experiential explorations at the leading edge of the Integral Age are first pioneered…

AQAL Journal  is a massive publication—with  similar publications costing $300 a year or more.  It is available now FREE for those who join Integral Institute at a Sponsor Level ($20/month), along with all of the other extraordinary benefits of membership, from Integral Naked to Integral Spiritual Center to the Integral membership kit and more!

Each quarter, the editing team of AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory and Practice will bring you the latest that our field has to offer, from writers you know, and from writers you will want to know.  This is a historic moment for Integral Studies: the distribution of fully certified AQAL material by leading authorities and recognized pioneers adds to the miracle of the Integral “We” just coming into being on this extraordinary and evolving planet.  Would you like to join us in this effort to become more fully Integral?  We think it’s time, and we hope you will, too…to become a part of this adventure, to help co-create it while enjoying all the insights of AQAL Journal, become a Sponsor (or higher) level member now!

Wishing you the very best,

Your Staff
Ken Wilber, Editor-in-Chief
Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Executive Editor
Matt Rentschler, Managing Editor
David Zeitler, Associate Editor



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