Integral Life Practice

Integral Life Practice (ILP) is no-nonsense, practical application of the Integral model that helps you to authentically exercise all aspects or dimensions of your own being-in-the-world. ILP teaches 4 core modules – body, mind, spirit and shadow – as well as 5 or so auxiliary modules – ethics, yoga of relationships, karma yoga, transforming emotions, and sexual yoga – and dozens of potential electives. Grounded in hundreds of transformative practices, East and West, ILP allows you to take anything you're already doing and place it within a comprehensive framework that finally makes sense of it.

In addition, ILP is modular, scalable and customizable. Not only can you make it fit your schedule, you also choose the practices that are right for you in an effort to create a program that is flexible and effective. By cross-training practices in the core modules you accelerate growth in all areas, increase the your chance of healthy development and deepen your capacity for transformational living. In short, Integral Life Practice is the simplest practice you can do to wake up!


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