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The Stuart Davis Show on YouTube!!!
January 08, 2007 13:14

The Stuart Davis Show 

You are probably already familiar with the many antics of Stuart Davis, regular guest host of Integral Naked and one of the integral scene's most prominent artists, with eleven full-length albums under his belt.  Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already been exposed (often without consent) to Stuart's infectious personality, exemplified by his earlier forays into film making which became the notorious StuCam series.  Well, the Kosmic Jester is at it again, taking on his most ambitious and controversial project yet—one which is guaranteed to entertain, enlighten, and occasionally nauseate you—a one-man episodic talk show, written, produced, performed, and edited by Stuart himself.

Integral Naked is proud (and only a little bit embarrassed) to present: The Stuart Davis Show.

All six episodes are available for FREE on the Integral Naked YouTube page!

Episode 1Episode 1 - With Special Guest Genpo Roshi 




Episode 2 - With Special Guest Aja Bell Davis




The Stuart Davis Show - Episode 3Episode 3




Episode 1Episode 4  




Episode 5 - Clonely Is The Night




The Stuart Davis Show - Episode 3Episode 6 - Zen and the Zen of Zen




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